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I'll keep this short and sweet as I hope that from the business that I have founded and everything you have read so far on this website it will be clear just how passionate I am about Fitness. Not just fitness though, being a Personal Trainer is so much more to me than just seeing people get physical results. As a Trainer I hope to inspire clients to make life long changes that are sustainable in order to live a happier, more rounded life with a permanent sense of wellbeing.


I myself train to remain fit, strong and healthy but also for a sense of achievement as I see myself improving in many aspects. I come at fitness with a truley holistic approach. I cannot make changes for you, however I can massively facilitate in helping you to help yourself improve yourself and become the best you that you can be. This will come with hard work and dedication, it's an ongoing journey so yes it will have its ups and downs (mostly ups) but most of all I know how important it is to make sure that it remains fun, positive, enjoyable and lead to nothing but great results! Job satisfaction doesnt get much greater than knowing you've helped people quite literally change their lives.


And that's why I do this job! 


Personal Trainer


Having danced from a young age and then training in and pursuing it as a career for some time, I have always had a huge and vested interest in maintaining a high level of personal fitness and studying how the body works.


As my interest in Anatomy and Physiology grew after training as an 'Exercise to Music' instructor, becoming a Personal Trainer was the natural progression. I understand that coming at Fitness from every angle is incredibly important as each person remains completely individual.


Regardless of your reason to train, whether it be for asthetics, to lose weight, improve fitness levels, build lean muscle, post natal or perhaps for just sheer enjoyment, whatever the reason it is imperative to me as a trainer that my approach suits each individual seperately. Enabling a steady and most importantly successful journey towards ones goals.


I am accutely aware that 'one size doesn't fit all'.


I feel very lucky to have built a career on what is essentially a hobby and a passion, and the fact that it allows me to help other people strive for 'a better' them' (in whatever form) is the reason I'm thankful and happy I do what I do.


Personal Trainer


Having joined the army at the age of 17 I have always had to keep my physical fitness to an incredibly high level. During my 6 years of service (including 2 years as a physical training instructor) I trained soldiers returning from injury aswell as those already sustaining an elite level of fitness. Upon deciding to leave the army in 2014 it was only natural for me to follow the path of health and fitness! I went straight into running military style bootcamps and personal training.......and even with the 6am starts, I love every minute of it! 


Throughout my military service I always had to remain physically and mentally robust, and was constantly tested with demanding tasks in those areas! Because of this I know exactly how hard your body can push itself, and know that overcoming 70% of challenging circumstances is just being in the right mind set. From this I fully understand that when things get tough you can get through it- believe me! 


You are capable of a lot more than you would initially believe. To help people reach this

mind-set I work on building an individual's confidence and help them believe that no matter what is thrown at them......they CAN achieve their goal! Once you push through those mental barriers anything is possible!


Whether it is losing weight, gaining strength, gaining lean muscle, or just maintaining general fitness, with my help I can help you achieve your goal!


Personal Trainer


For me there is no better reward than seeing a client reach their goal and realising that you have helped them get there. That's why I love my job.


I can offer many different types of training which include weight training, circuit training, TRX, kettlebell and more. 


Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, recover from a injury or just simply get healthier I can help you achieve your goal!




I’ve been a personal trainer for 4 years, I’ve had a good track record of clients achieving life changing goals such as weight loss, muscle development, work related fitness tests, such as fire fighter, police and army, as well as many others.


I enjoy meeting new people and adaption there way of learning so that they get the most out of each session. I like setting myself personal challenges such as Triathlons, Tough Mudder, Survival of the Fittest and the Great South Run. I enjoy keeping a fit and active healthy lifestyle.


Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist


I’m a 44 year old Level 5* rated Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist and qualified from the highly respected London School of Sports Massage (L.S.S.M), based in Regents University, Regents Park, London. I am also a Sports Massage Therapist for Bishops Stortford Rugby Club 1st XV.


I have treated a diverse range of people such as Firemen, housewives, office workers, golf professionals, Personal Trainers and even other massage therapists. I have worked extensively with runners preparing for marathons, triathlons etc. as well as club cyclists preparing for competitive events. I was previously a semi-professional footballer and represented Great Britain, as a helmsman, in sailing.


*Level 5 is currently the highest rated qualification for Sports and Remedial Massage Therapists.


All treatments begin with an extensive injury assessment and are followed by a treatment plan tailored to the individual. I use numerous advanced techniques to ensure issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.  These sessions can also help reduce stress and tension which builds up as part of our busy lives.


The key point is they help clients return from soft tissue injury as quickly as possible. I see all injuries ranging from minor day to day issues caused, for example, by bad posture at work, to full time sporting pursuits.

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