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The Fitness & Wellbeing Studio

Thorley Hall Farm

Bishops Stortford


Cm23 4BE

Tel: 07837 487 429

Email: studio@king-of-fitness.co.uk



  • Initial Client Consultation

  • 1-2-1 Training within our exclusive state of the art Fitness & Wellbeing Studio which is set within the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside.

  • Access to use a range of functional training equipment to make your workouts fun

  • Diet Review & Nutritional Advice

  • Personalised Exercise Programmes for you to follow when you are exercising on your own

  • Regular Measurement / Progress Reviews

  • 1 Hour Training Sessions

  • Shower facilities with complimentary Towel Service

  • Free onsite parking

  • Filtered water throughout your sessions to keep you hydrated

Our 1-2-1 Personal Training includes an initial Client Consultation whereby we discuss your goals, set realistic achievable targets, discuss your diet and carry out a postural analysis and complete an assessment of your measurements including; waist, hip, weight and body fat %.


Whatever your goals, whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, training for specific events or training to improve General Health, Fitness and Wellbeing, our aim is to coach each individual focusing on their specific needs. We are dedicated to working hard with every client to ensure the best results.  


This does not mean that we will only work hard with each individual "during" their sessions and then leave them to their own devices. We will be there every step of the way to guide, advise, support and motivate. This will not only mean making sure each individual session is delivered to the highest possible standard, focusing on technique, posture and an all round fitter you.


Outside of that hour we will be focusing on diet, nutrition and your lifestyle making sure that you have all of the information and support services you need to reach the goal you're aiming for.


Here at King of Fitness we are fully aware that this is not always an easy journey and that is why it is imperative to ensure clients have all the support, motivation and resources they need.


There is no 'quick-fix' when it comes to improving your Health, Fitness & Wellbeing. It is a journey, working one step at a time. It is important to that each individual feels encouraged and comfortable with the process at every point. It is essential that gradual changes are made to ensure a long term, sustainable effect on the body, both inside and out. This can sound frustrating that it doesn't all happen immediately, and it does take hard work and dedication......but once you're "there" you want to stay there right?! We guarantee you won't look back!


We will complete regular progress reviews to remeasure to track progress and carry out small fitness tests to see how your fitness and strength has improved.